Reading Order

Feel free to start with the series you prefer.



Claimed by Her Tedolerans

Taken by the Feral Tedoleran

The Tedoleran's Bad Intention

Stranded with the Tedoleran

Prey for the Tedoleran 


Tedoleran Christmas

A Tedoleran for Christmas

A Tedoleran down the Chimney

A Tedoleran in the Snow

A Tedoleran under the Christmas Tree


Royal Cyborgs

The Cyborg's Princess

The Cyborg's Runaway

The Cyborg's Queen

The Cyborg's Rebel

You can read the standalones in any order you like.



Rightfully Shared


Her Ruthless Alien

Her Mountain Cyborg

The Voight's Captive

The Voight's Plaything

Aliens and Cupcakes

Her Alien Collector

The Secret of Her Alien Monster

Scen's Mate

Promised to the Aliens



Next-Door Cyborg

My Big Red Savior

Snowed in with the Tedoleran

The Tedoleran's Good Girl