Stranded with the Alien (Tedolerans 4)

a dark cover showing a mysterious woman

The shuttle I was in crashed on a remote island.

Sounds bad already, doesn’t it? But there’s more: I am not alone. The only other survivor is a big, strong alien warrior named Kochol. He knows how to survive in the harshest conditions and where to find water, food, and shelter. Not the worst one to crash on a barely populated planet with, right?

I wish. Because I tried to rob him right before the shuttle launched—and my brother happens to be the one who stole his spaceship, forcing him into the shuttle with me in the first place.

It’s bad. It’s really bad. And judging by the sinister gleam in Kochol’s eyes, I’m sure it’ll only get much, much worse.

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A text teaser for the dark sci-fi novella stranded with the alien
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a dark cover showing a mysterious woman
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